Hotel Marketing Services

The following services are high intensity, high impact consulting services for the hospitality industry. They are specifically geared toward hotel owners who are interested in either buying new properties or improving underperforming properties.

Our goal is to get your property’s marketing in order and in sync, our focus areas include: website traffic and brand exposure/reputation, rate parity and leveraging OTA’s and the competition.

Core Hospitality Marketing Services

  1. Asset Turnaround Consulting and Execution
  2. De-flagging and Going Independent
  3. Educate Your Team – Consulting and On-site Training

Read below for full descriptions of each service.

Asset Turnaround

This service is focused on hotel/resort owners who are fed up with their underperforming assets.  Tired of getting the runaround from your hotel “brand marketing” experts who are busy sharing their expertise with hundred other hotels sharing one e-commerce manager.

When you are tired of lame answers from your marketing agency specialist/ preferred vendors to thousands of hotels.  Call us to get the love and attention you deserve. We believe in constant improvement and there is never a bad time to turn your asset into a money-making machine while delivering the right value to guests. We have taken several stagnant hotels and raised the bar on revenue beyond everyone’s expectations. This is an asset manager’s dream come true. NO renovations, no confusion. Uplift your asset with online smarts and common sense.


  • Discovery call/meeting – Let’s get our goals right before we get your money right.
  • History Lesson – Tell us everything, give us all your historic online reports no matter how painful they are. It’s time for the truth to flow out and benchmarking to start.
  • Profile Setup – We get going to hook up your hotel’s online body to our extensive monitoring system. Everything from online analytics, webmaster accounts, search engine marketing profiles are aggregated and tested.
  • Monitoring – Once the hotel is set up, we collect data. This is done over 2-3 weeks depending on the volume of your online presence, location targets etc.
  • Strategy Document – This is going to be one of the most amazing action packed documents you have seen in a while. It goes way beyond lame overviews you have seen every time someone tries to do one for you for “free”. The document covers everything that we have collected – fully analyzed with clear action points. You have a map to El Dorado in your hands. Picture a report that tells you much more than 3 broken links on the home page on your website. Our intent is not to waste your time and deliver an action plan that will change your online fortunes.
  • Hand Delivered – Emailing a big document to you and saying goodbye in an email is just not our style. We share the plan with you and your implementation team in person. Online change happens from the ground up and we strongly believe in working closely with the General Manager, DOS, DORM and get them on board with the changes we want you to make.

* There is no 2-year contract slammed in your face at the end of the consulting gig. All our resources are at your disposal.

De-Flagging and Going Independent

So you are ready to be free! Independence is a sweet word in our dictionary and we would like to congratulate you on you bold decision. There are crucial steps you need to take in order to get this transition to work well for you. Years of working with a brand you have a vast majority of your online assets and history with the brand marketing machine. You need someone to help you transition all the online assets promptly and methodically so that you do not suffer revenue declines usually associated with re re-banding a hotel. We personally work as your online transition specialists with a clear goal of ensuring that you maintain and in some cases even surpass the revenue you were historically making online.


  • Hug – Congratulations on your independence! This is a big step and we want to help you make the best of it. (1 minute)
  • Discovery call/meeting– Let’s get our goals right before we get your money right. (2 hours)
  • Online Assets Collection – Once you change your brand, these are some of the crucial items that need to be properly harvested from our brands. Our years of experience in these transitions will ensure that there is a well executed collection of your online assets. These include – domains, analytics, SEM ( SEO+PPC) reports, website and content, email databases, social media accounts, Google plus and other location based services accounts, Tripadvisor transition etc.
  • Strategy & Setup – We provide the game plan for online success to your team and help you jumpstart your new brand and identity.  Your information is updated on every relevant database out there and references to your old name are replaces.  Our online identity clean up services are rivaled only by the US Marshalls and their witness protection program. In addition to that we provide you a complete online optimization not just in words but also in real life setups. Your aggressive new SEO and PPC campaigns are setup to match your goals that were discussed. Timely implementation is key for your asset and for us. We have a team that has delivered some pretty amazing turnarounds without compromising quality.
  • Ongoing Support – Our team stays involved with your asset as much and as little as you require. Our network has some amazing people  that can provide support on  almost everything  that drives online revenue

* There is no 2-year contract slammed in your face at the end of the consulting gig. All our resources are at your disposal.

Education & Team Training

Are you tired of agency smoke and mirrors? Forever mining the Internets for ways to get on top?  We can provide you all the training you will need to run a successful in house e-commerce department, educate your General Managers, DOSM,DRM etc. We are in an age where every decision needs to be thought of and optimized before implementations. Allow us to present a workshop to your team that will bring up everyone’s understanding of how online marketing really works. Every workshop is custom tailored to you giving you specific examples with your asset and your top competitors in the marketplace.


  • Website and CMS systems – Best practices and traps to avoid
  • SEO – Everything you ever wanted to know about SEO, how it’s changing and how you can do it right without needing an agency
  • PPC – Understanding and utilizing paid search and all its’ avenues the right way. Learn how to audit your campaigns and make them better.
  • Analytics – Learn the basic and advanced techniques to help you make data driven smart marketing decisions every day in every department of your hotel
  • Social – The best approach to social for operational success of your hotel. Learn how to limit and control time and money wasted on the wrong things in social marketing. How to guru proof your hotel.
  • Reporting – Ditch your agency reports. Learn how to collect and analyze relevant data at your hotels and turn it into an action plan.
  • Validation & Budgeting – We show you how to analyze everything online- PPC spend, Link Building, SEO, PPC History etc. Don’t finalize your budgets until you have all the facts with you.
  • Monitoring – Monitor your hotel brand and website growth. Learnt o identify online trends  versus sporadic events. Learn to monitor while having a life by focusing on brand new key metrics for hotels and travel.

* There is no 2-year contract slammed in your face at the end of the consulting gig. All our resources are at your disposal.

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